Research 04/03/2019

Millennial Wisconsin: Is Wisconsin Attractive to This Generation?

For decades, baby boomers drove labor force changes, both nationally and in Wisconsin. Now, as they retire, they are being replaced by millennials, a group that will approach 40% of the workforce over the next few years. The challenge for Wisconsin, and other states, is to attract and retain this group. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Wisconsin…

Research 02/04/2019

Here’s Why the Birth Rate Is So Low in the United States

According to a recent report from Healthline, millennials can be blamed for a lot of things.  They killed landline phones. They destroyed movie rental stores. They even get flack for the decline in bar soap use. Now they might be getting credit, whether fair or not, for the decline in the birth rate in the United States. Millennials are having…

Research 12/15/2018

WCA County Officials Statewide Survey

A popular piece of advice for speakers, businesses, and others is some form of “know your __,” whether it is ‘audience,’ ‘customer,’ or something else. In 2016 and again this year, the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA) took that advice to heart. While WCA staff spend significant time getting to know members personally, the association felt a statistical snapshot of…

Research 09/30/2018

Election Practices & Options

In August 2018, Wisconsin held primaries to select party candidates for the November 2018 general election in the same way it has for more than 100 years. Voters could participate in one party primary and cast a single vote in each race. Candidates receiving the most votes, not necessarily a majority, moved on to the November general election. Wisconsin’s turnout…

Research 05/25/2018

Illinois is Losing More Residents Than Any State Except for One

A recent article in the Chicago Business Journal shows Illinois is losing more residents than any state except for one. In 2015, Illinois had a population of 12.17 million. By only 2016 (the latest year available), it shrank to about 12.15 million, resulting in a net drop of 138,000 people. Read more here at Chicago Business Journal. Photo Credit: