Research 02/04/2019

Here’s Why the Birth Rate Is So Low in the United States

According to a recent report from Healthline, millennials can be blamed for a lot of things.  They killed landline phones. They destroyed movie...

Research 12/15/2018

WCA County Officials Statewide Survey

A popular piece of advice for speakers, businesses, and others is some form of “know your __,” whether it is ‘audience,’ ‘customer,’ or...

Research 09/30/2018

Election Practices & Options

In August 2018, Wisconsin held primaries to select party candidates for the November 2018 general election in the same way it has for more than 100...


Research 05/25/2018

Illinois is Losing More Residents Than Any State Except for One

A recent article in the Chicago Business Journal shows Illinois is losing more residents than any state except for one. In 2015, Illinois had a...