The Green Book

For county government to successfully carry out its mission, long range, strategic thinking is critical. Data plays a critical role as counties evolve to meet the changing needs of citizens and businesses across the state. The Wisconsin Counties Association is pleased to present The Green Book, A Book of County Facts, 6th Edition.

Link to the Green Book, A Book of County Facts, 6th Edition (2023)

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There are many dimensions to county population: growth or decline, age distribution, level of education and workplace location.  From a policymaker’s perspective, understanding the characteristics of, and trends behind, county demography can provide useful insight into a region’s social and economic well being, it’s potential for growth and the degree to which current and future service demands will be placed on county government.  Read More…


How counties spend their dollars and how they pay for public services is basic to a county official’s job. Spending varies widely across counties, with those having relatively small populations and significant fixed costs often having higher per capita costs. Counties fund services with a combination of property taxes, state aids, and other smaller revenue sources.  Read More…

Economy and Development

County demography and finances ultimately depend on county economic health and growth. Relative income, poverty, unemployment and property values comprise parts of a double-sided coin. On one side, they suggest the capacity to prosper and fund public services. On the other, they speak to the need for services, whether it be income maintenance, healthcare, job assistance or redevelopment.  Read More…