The Green Book, A Book of County Facts, 6th Edition

Forward Analytics, the research division of the Wisconsin Counties Association, has released the 6th Edition of The Green Book, A Book of County Facts.

The Green Book, A Book of County Facts was first released in 2018. The first edition contained county data on 22 measures in four broad areas: county organization, population and demographics, county finances, and economy/development. The information within each section is broken down county-by-county and includes graphics.

The book has been expanded over the years. The 6th Edition includes two sections on housing. The first provides information on the median sale price of single family homes in the county. The second is a measure of housing affordability. In addition to the 54 pages of data for all counties, a data sheet containing all of The Green Book data for each county can be found at the back of the book.

“Counties perform critical functions on behalf of the state and work tirelessly to provide a vast array of services in the most efficient manner possible,” said Forward Analytics Director Dale Knapp. “They are essential for our state to prosper and grow. As Wisconsin’s population and economy continues to change, this book provides county leaders with critical information to help them make sound decisions.”

County officials use the data contained in The Green Book: A Book of County Facts for a variety of purposes, including gauging future service needs, economic development planning, and forecasting revenues and expenditures.

If you would like additional copies to share or would like data related to a specific county, please contact Forward Analytics at 866.404.2700.

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