K-12 On The Ballot: Using Referenda to Fund Public Schools

See the full Forward Analytics report: K-12 On The Ballot: Using Referenda to Fund Public Schools

Wisconsin Public Radio: After school culture wars, Wisconsin voters will weigh in on results (3.26.24)
Wisconsin State Journal: Rare dual referendums: City of Madison, school district contemplate asking voters to hike property taxes (3.5.24)
The Cap Times: Opinion: It’s almost begging season for Wisconsin public schools (2.26.24)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin schools increasingly rely on referendums, report says. Here’s the takeaways on school funding.(11.20.23)
WTMJ: Steve Scaffidi Show interview with Director Knapp (11.16.23)
Wisconsin State Journal: Wisconsin school districts are increasingly dependent on referendum dollars, report says (11.14.23)
The Cap Times: Wisconsin’s school funding system needs revisiting, report says (11.14.23)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Milwaukee mayor, county executive back referendum to raise taxes for MPS (2.13.24)
WASB School News: Using referenda to fund public schools: K-12 on the ballot (01/02.24-Pg. 24)
Wisconsin Public Radio: Wisconsin teacher pay hasn’t kept up with inflation in more than a decade: New report finds teachers making 12 percent less than in 2009 based on inflation (11.30.23)
Stoughton Courier Hub: Community referendum survey on the way; District is considering referendum next year to address budget deficit (11.24.23)

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