Research 07/13/2021

The Green Book, A Book of County Facts, 4th Edition

Forward Analytics, the research division of the Wisconsin Counties Association, has released the 4th Edition of The Green Book, A Book of County Facts.

This fact book provides a wide range of information on county demographics, finances, employment, new construction, and structure. The information within each section is broken down county-by-county and includes graphics.

“Wisconsin counties perform critical functions on behalf of the state and work tirelessly to provide a vast array of services in the most efficient manner possible,” said Forward Analytics Director Dale Knapp. “Plain and simple, they are essential for our state to prosper and grow. Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, long-term and strategic thinking is even more imperative for counties moving forward. The data in this 4th edition is vital as counties continue to evolve to meet the needs of our citizens and our communities across Wisconsin.”

County officials can use the data contained in The Green Book, A Book of County Facts, for a variety of purposes, including gauging future service needs, economic development planning, and forecasting revenues and expenditures.

“We are emerging from a difficult time in our state’s history. More than ever, the information within the latest The Green Book, A Book of County Facts will be important for county officials as they make decisions to position their county for a strong future,” said Knapp. “We are excited to release this resource for our members and hope that officials will once again use it to better serve their constituents and their county.”

If you would like additional copies to share or would like data related to a specific county, please contact Forward Analytics at 866.404.2700.